Alexander Diaz de Villegas

Alexander Diaz de Villegas Highlights the 3 Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection

It is an all-too-familiar nightmare that plays out across the country on a daily basis: enthusiastic home buyers who are eager to start the next chapter of their life, are instead forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars — and in many cases, live elsewhere for weeks and months — because the home they just purchased is riddled with termites, unsafe electrical wiring, a sinking foundation, a rotted-out roof, leaky plumbing, and the list goes on. Their big mistake? Signing on the dotted line before commissioning a professional home inspection. 

Despite the horror stories across the web — many of which are jaw dropping and shocking — there are still some home buyers who believe that getting a professional home inspection is an unnecessary expense. Or just as bad, they hire an amateur to do what ends up being a superficial scan instead of an in-depth assessment. Unfortunately, what people don’t know can and often does end up costing them big time.

According to Alexander Diaz de Villegas, a real estate agent from Homestead, Florida, there are three key benefits of a professional home inspection, and why buyers should view them as essential rather than optional.

1. Clearly Understand What’s Going on Behind the Scenes

It doesn’t matter how stylishly staged a home is, or whether it’s in a coveted neighborhood. If there are problems going on behind the scenes — e.g. defective HVAC system, roof, attic, basement, floorboards, drywall, and so on — then a professional home inspection will reveal both their existence and extent.

Alexander Diaz de Villegas adds that it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker if it is discovered through a professional home inspection that there are significant issues. However, prospective buyers need to ensure that trouble spots are properly resolved before the sale officially closes, or they should make a lower offer that offsets the cost they will invariably incur for making repairs.

2. Make Improvements Before Move-In to Save Time and Money

Sometimes, a professional home inspection won’t uncover any egregious problems such as termites, mold, wiring issues, and so on. However, what it will typically uncover are opportunities to proactively make strategic home improvements now, which save time and money down the road.

An example could be a prospective home that does not have energy efficient insulation. Alexander Diaz de Villegas explains that while this is not necessarily a defect in the same sense that a leaky roof or sagging foundation is, some buyers may nevertheless want to replace the insulation before they move in, which is far more convenient than doing it later on when all of their furniture is in place and they have nowhere else to go but relatives or a hotel.

3. Get Essential “Peace of Mind”

For most people, their home is by far their biggest asset. And in a more practical sense, it is also where they will spend most of their time with family, entertaining friends, and creating special memories that last a lifetime. A professional home inspection provides buyers with essential peace of mind, so they know — rather than guess — the condition of a property and can reflect this awareness in the price they offer.

Alexander Diaz de Villegas adds that given what’s at stake, the value of a professional home inspection cannot be underestimated. There is frankly zero downside. Even if an inspection leads to a clean bill of health, buyers don’t have to worry about major regrets or horror stories. In a sense, that assurance is priceless.